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Bespoke Fencing Solutions

Tailored to Your Requirements

"A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link" the same can be said for a fence, that's why as standard I spec high quality robust materials that'll stand up to the elements and last!

Livestock Fencing

High Tensile and Mild Steel

Stock netting and  two strand barbed
Multi strand barbed wire
Multi strand plain wire
We provide a complete stock proof solution!

Horse Netting

With or Without Top Rail

Can be specced with electric top wire to deter rubbing and wind sucking.
Horserail (polythene bonded to high tensile wire) provides a safe and durable boundary.

Permanent Electric Fencing

High Tensile Wire

Multi strand and any height to suit many different types of livestock.
More suitable than netting in areas of high flood risk.

Split Chestnut Rail

A Durable Timeless Classic

A beautiful, sustainible fence that lasts well in all conditions.
Will make a classy stock proof solution with the addition of netting or multi strand plain or barbed wire.

Post and Rail

Makes a Solid and Durable Barrier

Many different options for height and configuration, square or round posts. Square or half round rails.
Add stock netting or multi strand wire for a robust stockproof fence.

Metal Estate Fencing

Iconic Elegant and Robust

This timeless fence design looks fantastic and lasts a lifetime.
If installed with fully welded joints makes for a strong barrier able to follow the grounds natural contours with ease for domestic or agricultural use.
A must for any Estate or Country Home.

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Equestrian Pens and Rings

Complete Service or Pen Construction only

Designed completely to suit your needs.
All weather for winter turn out or exercise, and pasture based for controlled grazing, rehab, stallion pens and mare and foal pens.

Livetsock Handling Facilities

Tailored Entirely to Your Needs

Bespoke handling facilities built to suit your individual needs and available space.
We work with our customers from the design process through to the finished product to ensure your handling tasks are as efficient as possible with the highest welfare standards.

Gates and Styles

Any Size or Material

Whether it be field gates, entrance gates, security gates or pedestrian gates and styles. We will supply and install the style, design and size to suit your needs and budget.

Deer Fencing

Solid and Built to Last

Whether it be to exclude deer from crops and amenity areas to reduce damage and loss of production. Or to contain them on deer farms and deer parks, we can erect a robust boundary that will stop deer in their tracks whilst keeping the visual impact of a fence to a minimum.

Wildlife Fencing

Robust Value for Money

We will create a fence entirely to your specification, whether it be to contain wildlife and animals for re-wilding projects and farm parks, reduce the impact of humans on natural habitats or exclude a particular predator from an area. We work with our customers to erect a fence fit for purpose without costing the earth.

Poultry and Rabbit Netting

Temporary or Permanent

Pens and fences for chickens and other poultry on small and large scales, release pens for pheasants and partridge and exclusion netting for rabbits.
Whether it be to keep desired animals in or pests and predators out, we supply and erect the fence to suit your requirement.

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